Saint Archer


Jeff Johnson

A commercial photographer and writer, Jeff has been a lifeguard on the North Shore, climbed every major wall in Yosemite, helped shape Patagonia’s brand vision, and traveled around the world telling stories. His life embodies the spirit of adventure and the road less traveled.

Mike Blabac

One of the most influential photographers in skateboarding, Mike is a self taught artist that fell in love with skateboarding at an early age growing up in Michigan. Turning his love of skateboarding into a career has shaped Mike into a beloved icon in the sport with a library of images that spans generations of the sport

Danny Hess

Danny Hess started as a home builder and became a world renowned wood surfboard shaper in San Francisco. When he first started shaping, he never thought he’d make a living creating boards his way, but when word got out about the performance of these works of art, his passion slowly became his profession. His boards, hand shaped with sustainable materials, are now ridden around the world.

Duane Diego

Raised in San Diego, Captain Duane “Diego” Mellor has fishing and salt water running through his veins. Spending almost 300 days on the water yearly fishing with clients or for himself around Southern California and Baja Mexico, Duane is doing what he loves the most almost every day of the year.


Mark Healey

A waterman by every sense of word, Mark grew up on the North Shore of Hawaii and is a professional big-wave surfer, award-winning spear-fisherman, free-diver, photographer, filmmaker, and part-time Hollywood stuntman. He spends his life following storms around the world and pushing the limits of what it means to be a waterman.