The NEW Saint Archer Variety Pack Posted on 07 Nov 07:29

We are proud to announce a new way to enjoy our beers: The new 12-Can Variety Pack! From loyal fans of Saint Archer to craft beer enthusiasts looking to explore the range of our brewery, beer-drinkers across the board can now experience the taste spectrum of Saint Archer that has spurred our brewery’s incredible growth.

The new Variety Pack contains 3 IPAs, 3 White Ales, 3 Blonde Ales, and 3 Double IPAs – a special treat considering the Double IPA's limited release.

“The Variety Pack is the ONLY place consumers will find our Double IPA in a can,” says Yiga Miyashiro, Director of Brewing Operations at Saint Archer. “It’s also a great chance for beer drinkers to ‘expand their horizons’ a bit without committing to a full six-pack of any one style.”

The Variety Pack also offers fans a chance to taste multiple award-winning beers, all in one package. The featured Double IPA took a Silver Medal at this year’s San Diego International Beer Festival, the largest beer gathering on the West Coast, and was named ‘Best Double IPA in San Diego’ by San Diego Magazine. Accompanying the acclaimed Double IPA is our White Ale, which recently received a Gold Medal in the Belgian-Style Witbier category at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival, and our Blonde Ale, which boasts a Bronze Medal from the San Diego International Beer Festival.

“If you like craft beer, we’re sure you’ll find a few new favorites this way,” added Miyahshiro.

The 12-can Variety Pack is available now so be sure to get yours!