Our Commitment


As a family of storytellers, we at Saint Archer recognize that there are certain stories we have failed to appropriately tell over the years.  We know Black athletes in surf and skate communities, as well as those in pursuit of other passions, have not been fairly represented.  In our commitment to be a part of the change, we announce the For The Journey Program.  With the For The Journey Program, we plan to take action in doing better to proudly support Black athletes on their journeys.
We started during the 2020 ESPYS, where we used our airtime as the show’s proud official beer to share the journeys of Indoor Volleyball Player Rachael Adams and Professional Skateboarder Donta Hill. But this moment is bigger than beer, and it’s bigger than one award show.


Saint Archer is launching the For The Journey Program, a grant initiative focused on supporting the success of emerging Black athletes. An annual commitment of $100,000 will be used to assist Black athletes who are hoping to take the next step in their careers, particularly in sports like surfing, skating and volleyball among others, where Black athletes are underrepresented.
In the coming days, we’ll share more, including how we plan to partner with Black athletes to structure this program and the nomination form for the first group of grant recipients. Click the
link below for chance to secure a grant.

Donta Hill

Rachael Adams