paul rodriguez

Since being named Transworld’s Rookie of the Year in 2002 at the age of 18, Paul Rodriguez has skated to 6 X-Games medals (4 Gold). He has helped Nike establish a foothold in skateboarding and remains a dominant force as one of Action Sports most influential athletes.


Arguably the most influential street skater of all time, Eric compliments his unmatched street skating credentials with an intense passion for craft beer, making him an ideal ambassador for Saint Archer.

Mike Taylor

Mikey Taylor is defined by his devotion to the craft of skateboarding and his endless love of the sport. He was one of the original competitors in the Street League Pro Tour, and continues to release “Mikey Days” videos through The Berrics website.

jeff johnson

A guy who works a 9-to-5 job so that he can disappear now and then to Yosemite for a climb or mainland Mexico to surf, Jeff Johnson embodies the spirit of the everyman. He is a talented writer and photographer, and is well regarded in the outdoor community as a guy doing it for all the right reasons.


Bryan Herman is a dedicated skater who doesn’t care much about anything – except riding his skateboard. Super tech and super gnarly, Herman brings down the biggies with the best of ‘em in a style reminiscent of a young Jamie Thomas.

Jack Freestone

Born on the Gold Coast of Australia, Jack Freestone had the strongest Junior career since his Aussy predecessor, three time World Champ Mick Fanning. Following in the foot steps of the greats before him Jack is poised to be Australia’s next great hope.


Skateboarder, photographer, and videographer, Atiba is best known for his photography portfolio, which includes subjects ranging from Tony Hawk to Kobe Bryant. His understanding of the arts brings a unique appreciation for craft beer.

shane o'neill

Shane O’Neil is largely in a class by himself when it comes to natural skateboarding ability yielding absolutely amazing results. Already among the ranks of the greatest skateboarders on the planet, the O’Neill paradigm has only begun to unfold.


From greasing rails for slopestyle accolades to show stopping video parts in the backcountry, the New Hampshire native is one of the most versatile snowboarders in the game today. The sport of snowboarding is about constant progression and there is no one more committed to this movement than Pat.


With unmatched technical precision combined with mind-boggling consistency, it’s easy to see why Kansas City’s favorite son, Sean Malto, has been on a worldwide tear since turning pro only a few short years ago.


Recently retired after 20 strong years on the ASP pro tour, Taylor, year after year proved that power carving, rail-to-rail surfing will always hold a place among the swarm of new age progression surfing.


A paradox all his own, Slash is both carefree and aggressive, a fatalist and a hopeless romantic. If he’s not growing his beard or skating, he’s watching you with camera in hand.


Armed with a resourceful eye, Omar Salazar has given skateboarding one of its most refreshing takes on the possibilities of our instrument. He comes from Sacramento and excels at everything awesome.


With almost two decades of riding as a pro, many would say that Todd Richards is a pioneer of the sport and one of the most prolific riders out there. He is a frequent announcer at international snowboard events and now produces and stars in a tv show for Alli Sports.


Part skate legend, part businessman, Chris Miller spent 8 years as a pro before founding and building the brand Planet Earth. Best known for his solid, smooth skating style, Chris is an icon in the sport, both on and off of his board.


Laura lives the dream. A top 10 professional surfer on the ASP women’s tour and a style icon in the surf market, she constantly finds herself in the most beautiful locations and best waves around the world.


Hailing from Lahaina, HI, Dusty Payne is coming on as one of the worlds best free surfers. Dusty has also established his prowess on the WCT making him one of surfing’s most versatile surfers in the game.

Taylor Steele

Creator of the most influential movement in surfing’s history, The Momentum Generation, Taylor changes the sport forever. Making films of surfing’s best is his craft and his appreciation as a creator makes him a perfect ambassador for Saint Archer Brewing Co.


Born and raised on the shores of La Jolla, CA, Derek Dunfee chases down big waves with a relentless passion. As a writer and filmmaker, he explores the uncertain depths of his sport, without taking himself too seriously.


Big-city surfer, Dane Zaun cuts through the traffic and smog of LA to tear up the breaks of South Bay. In his Urban Paradise, waves and egos alike are in need of a reality-check from time to time, and he's more than happy to deliver.